I am no longer offering private tutoring.  I am working full time and not available for lessons.

If you want to find a tutor I recommend using one of the agencies like Amlon, Sylvan, or Princeton.   They charge about $100 an hour and give the tutor half or less.  You can also check the bulletin boards at CUNY Hunter on 68th Street in Manhattan (ID card required to get on campus), or Columbia University (in the Havermeyer Hall of Chemistry).  You will find tutors on Craigslist that run the range from excellent to amateur and priced from $130 down to $25 per hour.   I used to list on Craigslist and met many good students that way.

I was a researcher before I got hooked on teaching.  The molecule below is mine! I made it in 1998 with the help of Jian Jin, our post-Doctoral fellow at The Ohio State University.  It is a soluble palladium catalyst. Because it has chirality, the reactions that it catalyzes lead to chiral products.  

Palladium catalyst with chiral carbene ligand.